Merry Bloody Christmas

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I started off feeling very excited about Christmas, a feeling which is declining rapidly with every pound spent.

I spent £51 on my neice and nephew, combine their ages and you could communicate the total age with just three fingers. It just doesn't feel worth it! £30 on my mum on some perfume, just because it has Armani slapped on it. I have to buy myself some more jeans (no really, I have to), aswell as buy friends Christmas presents. And grandparents. And I suppose I should send my dad a card. Add on top of that my alcohol and cigarettes for the month and I think I'm going to get caught short AGAIN.

I know, I know, Christmas is about giving, I should LIKE spending all this money on my loved ones. But does love have to come at such a high price?!

Bah, bloody humbug!


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been there, had to sell the t-shirt i baught.

been there, had to sell the t-shirt i baught. heres wt i did to save money:

1: buy a cheaper brand o cigs. nasty but more cash in the long run, and you can change back
2: dont buy designer jeens, hey you might not anywhay, but its still a good point
3: buy cheap boose. you like vodka when its mixd with other drinks, then make it cheap, eg no more smirnof, go for the co,op brand, just dont drink it neet, it cleans your pipes for shure.
4:sell some stuph, u never kno, that junk could be wortha few bob
5: do a secret santa with u m8ts. 1 prezzi each, u all pik 1. makes life sooo much cheaper.
6:fake jewlry can be a good, if some what dishonest option for a gift.

well there u go, somesimple, some what dogey tips

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