My Eyes Are Empty and My Soul is Lost

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I wish this could be a poem, but my creativity chip seems to be malfunctioning and I'm only getting by on the basics. i'm always so tired...and not in the good way. I feel like someone turned my switch from "Normal" (relatively speaking) to "Slow". I seem to have lost my energy and most of my emotions. My chest, from my sternum to my collarbone seems to have been scooped out with a shovel. It's a mixture of missing my mom a TON, and being totally lost in this world. All my friends are straight guys, and while I love them, I just wish I could find someone like me. I wish I could just have someone to be my friend...not even looking for a girlfriend, just someone I could talk to. I want to start a lesbigay club, but I'm too scared to ask. I know I'm whining and I sound like a selfish bitch, ain't going to well. I'm a tiny bit afraid I might be clinically depressed. Both my parents have it, my sister has it, and I might have it too. But the thing is, I'm so good at faking it, if I told dad, he probably wouldn't believe me. Strike that. Well...I dunno. My head is so full of smooshed grey matter that I can barely think. Also have my driver's permit test today, so wish me luck on that and pray I don't kill anyone driving.


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positivity isn't normally my forte, but....

Good luck with the test and feel better soon. Eventually stuff will brighten up, it always does. And you already knew that. :-)