My heart's in pieces...

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I feel like my heart's been stomped on with golf cleats then dragged through spikes. One of my very good friends, someone I trust and love like a brother sent me a message on myspace. I quote:

"Thas why when u told me about this lesbian thing i was about to collapse and you know where i stand i understand if you dont wanna be my friend any more but i think being gay is a sin!!! juss like any other sin (porn for me) that some one needs to over come if you cant see this or never wanna talk to me i undersand but i do think its wrong and i think the bible say its wrong but that juss my opinion i cant tell you if ur a christian or not!!! ur the only one that can say for sure but i do think that if u r u should be being convicted of being a lesbian just like any one who commits a sin should be !! Im sayin this because i love you bekka !!! me findin this out about u dosent change my position on bein ur friend.. But if ur openly livin in sin and dont care mabey u need to reevaluate your life (out of complete and utter respect) i love you but i dont wanna see you get screwed up with this"

I love the guy to death, and I understand where he's coming from, but, I just sent him a message saying that I was glad he was my friend and he takes it and uses it to stand up on a soapbox and tell me how to live. I mean, I'm by no means perfect, but I try my best. It annoys me when people think just because they're Christians, they think they can tell other people how to live. I...guess, it's just hurtful that someone would say something like that to me. I know they think they're doing good, but...I don't think that's the way to go. I don't know. I'm just really confused.


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If he's adamant...

The natural response is "I was born gay, you chose your religion. In the context of our friendship, it's you who needs to change". It's kind of sickening how people are quick to condemn something that they don't understand on the basis of something else which they don't understand. As I see it, Christians who condemn us, find it easy because while they have had the desire to lie, steal and break every other major commandment, they have never had a deep desire for something which is condemned only in the context of pagan fertility rituals...;-;

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so sad =(

im sooo sorry =( that must be sooo hard!! i hope you are ok! *hugs* we'll be here for you if you need us =)

t('.' )z Kirby pwns j00!!!

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That's hard that a friend sent you a message like that. Maybe you can talk to him about it, maybe get your friendship back on more even ground. You could tell him that to you it isn't a sin, that you were born this way, that sort of thing. After you've pulled yourself together a bit.

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Aw, I'm so sorry he said that

Aw, I'm so sorry he said that to you!*hugs* That's so hurtful. Maybe you should try talking to him about it-there's this really good book for LGB teens called Free Your Mind, and it has a whole chapter on religion, including what the Bible actually says on homosexuality. You guys could read through it together and talk about it, and see what happens.

I hope you guys can still be friends and get through this, and he changes his mind!


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Sorry! I don't have any wise words of advice, but you definately have my sympathy! Hugs! Keep on being yourself! Don't let anyone tell you to be different!
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I'm so sorry that he said tha

I'm so sorry that he said that to you. Sometimes people can be really closeminded. Just give yourself some time to calm down then try to talk to him about it and if it doesn't work, well some people are just jerks and there's nothing you can do.