My Little Brother's Pants...

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...are mine! I cut up the pants last night and turned them into material.
I took parts of the pants legs and turned them into bracelets. I'm
wearing them now! They look incredible! I also cut out the pockets and
gave them back to Gabe. I don't know what else to do with the pants
though. I'll find something though! Jean material is incredibly tough!

For the past couple of days, Toni has not been in school. I've never
been so alone and yet so free. Toni came back today and we're both
going to the Renaissance. It's just me and Toni this quarter because
Dairen and Mandy didn't get good enough grades to go. Oh well ;)

Alison came back yesterday to school. She is one of my bi-girl friends.
She came back after getting tired of RFA and is back for good. I'm sort
of happy. But I'm unhappy at the same time because Toni is not happy
that Alison came back. To Toni, Alison is an incredibly annoying and
whiny person and has tendencies to get annoying. At least it's her
senior year. x_x.

I stayed after last night for the Writer's Club Meeting with Mr.
MacManus. One of my freshman friends, Stephanie, stayed after and
read her story. She wanted me to read it for her but I couldn't read
without laughing. (I can't explain why) Maybe it was guilt. Either
way, it was an excellent Chapter 1 to her untitled story. Very

Dharma and Greg was on last night. The one episode where she let
Pete take over Greg's office and tried to make a pass through in
her kitchen wall by breaking through the wall. And the entire
way she went through this episode was hilarious.