{My Plans for Monday}

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Well what i decided to do was talk to this girl that i like i wrote a forum about it so check it out. I am going to try and get her alone so i can ask her if she's dating anyone. Hopefully she isn't we'll see. If she's not i will test the waters see if she's even ready for a relationship. I know she's already had some but i mean as if at the stage in her life she's going to be able to handle anytype of relationship. If so i might tell her i like her. It's all so bizarre because i have never done this before but this time i decided while i finally have a crush on a gay girl and not straight why not go for it. Yes i know just because she is gay doesn't mean she will be into me or anything like that.

I also have to figure out how i am going to just walk up to her and say i know we haven't talked very much but can i please speak to yu alone. Which i know would proabally wouldn't work since she is always surrounded by people. Plus there all straight girls that flock around her i know because i have seen them with there boyfriends kissing in the hall or things like that. I guess i will have to dothis on the impulse and no care about the other people in the room and just ask to talk to her. God i wish i knew the rules to this game.


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sounds like a good idea give

sounds like a good idea give it a go, just ask to tak alone and gently tell her how you feel lol gd luck

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i wish i knew the rules, too

But I've only crushed on straight girls/taken guys so far, so I haven't been getting very far. Good luck with it, though. Hope it goes well.

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yeah, try the impulse thing,

yeah, try the impulse thing, don't think too much or you might freak out....good luck!!!