My Queer Christmas

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So there we go, the day has passed. My sugar and alcohol levels are immeasurable and here I sit, on my new leather computer chair (which has 10 massage controls and heats up) thinking about the day.

The day started with a phone call from my sister who's spending her first Christmas away from us with her own family now, in their own house. Her boyfriend engaged to her this morning and got her an engagement ring as a present. That was nice. Grandparents also decided to spend Christmas on their own this year, so it was weird just having 3 of us, it didn't feel very special this year, just an average day really but with more junk food.

Dinner was lovely, lots of 'Taste The Difference' stuff (Sainsbury's). Much less stressful what with there only being 3 of us.

The Queen's speech was rather depressing. I guess it was inevitable seeing as it's been a rather catastrophic year for much of the world, but there we go.

Actually the most riveting part of the day was realising we have something that gets stuck in the turkey and pops up when it's fully cooked. Isn't that just nifty?

Tommorow shall visit sister's house and get some more presents. Tuesday shall go to father's house who I haven't seen in months and sit through awkward conversations, thinking to myself that should I ever come out to this man he'd never speak to me again and remove me from his will (if he hasn't done so already).

Moving on from the joy of Christmas and on to the more pertinent subject of homosexuality, somehow the music video to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera became a brief topic of conversation during dinner today. My little sister was pulling faces and talking about how gross it was that two men kissed in the video. I said that it's a great video and makes you realise there are lots of people in this world and they aren't necessarily bad just because they are different. My mum said she was "worried" that I thought it was great, and my little sister thought it was gross, and said that she sided with her. Brilliant. The 8 year old's opinion triumphs. I said she was ignorant and thought most of my family are ignorant, to which she looked jokingly shocked and appalled and moved on to something else.

I have to wonder if she realises I'm gay or not, deep down. I'm pretty camp, I've never had a girlfriend and she found gay porn on the computer a few years back. Now, my acting skills and ability to persuade/lie are better than the average person, but surely there's a limit? She said to me (after the porn incident) that she would be "disappointed" but would still love me. Disa-fucking-ppointed? There's words of encouragement and comfort for you.

The other thing about my mother is her inability to keep her trap shut. If I did come out to her she would tell someone - whether it be her mum, my sister or a friend, she would tell SOMEONE. That would be unacceptable.

On the upside it's supposed to snow tommorow, hurrah.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all :)


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OMG that was the same situati

OMG that was the same situation i had with my dad today- just as i had predicted... and my mom is the EXACT SAME WAY ... cept im out to her and she is disa-fucking-ppointed... it just makes me go crazy *rips out hair*

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Yup, Christmas is great-excep

Yup, Christmas is great-except for the family bit;). That sucks that your mother sided with the opinion of an eight year old...that seems to be about the average age of homophobia.

Anyways, merry Christmas:)


I find there's glamour
In being a wallflower
With a stammer
I love what I am
And you won't change me
So take me how I am

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mmmmm, likin the sound o that

mmmmm, likin the sound o that chair man, lol, the one imeon righ now is patched to hell.
my crimbo was mostly the same, was only the family, and there was sweet all xmas spirit here, tho i did get a set o lock piks and some fuckin auwsom cymbols. otherwise, same, and that sainsburys stuf is soooooo bad

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The Queen's speech is always depressing. Partly because there is no such thing as a good year, only anus horriblus, and she just has theat smarmy 'look how much money I have for no readily apparent reason' sound to her voice

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"