Need Help With Uploading Images Into My Image Gallery

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Okay, well, I upload my image (just a .jpg, nothing big), do my title, description, etc.. And then when I click preview, I see it, then look below...and below thumbnail is a red x and nothing in the file upload thingy (sorry, I'm not that technical! Hopefully you get it).

Now, I've tried submitting countless ways, reloading the picture, not loading the picture, starting over again, but nothing is working!

Am I the only one who has this problem, or am I just electronically dense?

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sometimes technology sucks at life.

I know this sounds retarded, but it works for me every now and then. Go to your "tools" menu at the top of your web browser. Click "internet options" (this is all if you use internet explorer) then under the "general" tab, click "delete cookies", "delete files", and "clear history". It will basically "burp" your web browser. Then reopen this site, and try to see your pictures. Am I any one allowed to post here? Or is it just for the people in charge of the site... hmm...