New Years Going A Little Shakey

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Well it's New Years Eve as everyone knows and mine is a little shakey. It was fiine at first got up ate something had a drink watching the new years eve specials leading up to 12:00 Midnight. Well my mother was out for her job and came back at like 9:30 pm. Then she came back with this big bottle of Champagne to drink at 12:00 Midnight. Well then she got all down because my Aunt isn't picking up her phone. My family is very unreachable don't keep in contact. Unless they need something. But my mother trying to keep some sorta bond with her family despite their rudeness only calling to get something. Me and my sis try to t ell her tostop but i know she still has alot of hope. Plus the other night when my mother called my Aunt my little cousin picked up the phone he's like 9. Well i think they were screening there calls and were mad at my mom cause she wouldn't take my cousin to Philly Friday. Welll apparently he came back and said that they told him they were busy. So my mom is mad because when he was on the phone she heard everyone in the backround my cousin uncle and aunt. So she thinks they are all avoiding her because she didn't do anything that they wanted. My cousin that wanted the rise is The Aunt i am talkling about oldest daughter and my little cousin who answered the phone is my other cousins son. So there you go the same old bullshit use your family and stay in touch for only personal gain otherwise we don't wanna hear from your ass. Well that's it and right now it's 10:52 pm and i am about to try and cheer my mother up and watch 106 and PArk's New Years Eve special ya know on BET since i am black not really just cause it's supose to be really hot.