no mistletoe needed

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Ok, Tipsy...Yesterday night, I spontaneously ate out a girl I was sleeping with naked in a bed. The nakedness started at random, I joined her, we started making out, I took liberties, but it was not reciprocated...oh well I still had fun...but what the hell? I thought that it would be with someone I actually new...she couldn't even pronounce my name right, she had the basic gist, but not the actual pronunciation. Oh wel, interesting times are the teenage years. I apologize for my atrocious spelling and grammar, I'm tired and I spent the entire day at disney land kind of hung over...The girl and I are friends now, though. I have the weirdest ways to make friends...


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=D hehe lucky **~~~~||~~~~

=D hehe lucky

t('.' )z Kirby pwns j00!!!