Note to Self: Never Read "The Stand" While there is a flu epidemic....

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Yeah, I'm reading Stephen King's "The Stand"(unabridged, illustrated *drool*) and as I was reading, I suddenly remembered the bird flu, and how in the book, it's kind of put in the same way. So...I'm getting a little paranoid. I looooove the book though. I'm like, unable to put it down nowadays. Well, that's the way I am with any Stephen King book. I love him like no other author before him. I've read Tommyknockers, Desperation, Four Past Midnight, Insomnia, Dolores Claybourne, The Dead Zone, a book of short stories (can't remember what it was called), and some others that I can't remember.

ALSO, I was just on myspace, and I saw that I had a message. It was *Lesley*. My *crush* just sent me a message on myspace concerning one of my blogs. I'd been in a very flirtacious mood and had typed down my favorite girls. (I love 'em so), but no last names. So she messaged me trying to guess their last names. It was really cute and sweet. I had also put down 'anonymous' (as her, duh) and she didn't know who it was, but she said it'd peaked her interest. I'm not sure if I should just tell her, or see if she can figure it out, or just never tell her and drive myself crazy. I asked one of my friends for advice and her gave some very good advice that I'm probably going to take. Well, that's all for now from me. ta-ta and good night.



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Stephen King is a wonderful author, he's up there with my favourites too. I just started Misery actually, but I've forgotten about it over the past couple of weeks because I haven't got the time to read. I never read as much as I did a few years ago, my vocabulary has suffered because of it. Two of my favourite books by him is 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Green' (I was skeptical at the title but enjoyed it in the end), and 'IT' (so bloody scary).

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