pink triangle

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It's 9:30 and I've finally decided to eat dinner. A tuna sandwich and maybe i'll wash it down with some coke. That shit is addictive. Now there's drunken girls calling up the radio station talking about how drunk they are.

I mentioned before, my friend Timmy has gone back to live with his parents up in the country. Well he stayed at my place the other weekend and I think things are finally not weird between us anymore.. he fell asleep on my bed when he was supposed to sleep on the couch but I was just like over it and slept there too. We somehow ended up singing Weezer's 'Pink Triangle'. If you don't know it, it goes

"I'm dumb she's a lesbian,
I thought I had found the one
we were good as married in my mind
but married in my mind's no good
pink triangle on her sleeve
let me know the truth
let me know the truth"

How strangely relevant! He's the one that started singing it, do you think he's catching on? I half hope so.. Haha I love the song though, theres this line that goes "If everyone's a little queer, can't she be a little straight?"

My sister was talking to me about work, and how she's becoming friendly with this woman who happens to be gay. Whenever anyone talks to me about anything gay related, I started acting weird, it's like I think they can see right through me or something.. it must be really obvious. Yeah so she's talking about how the lady wants to adopt kids with her partner but they won't let her and all this stuf, I can't look her in the eye and she's sitting less than a metre away and I'm like oh shit, should I pretend I don't care? I change the subject like a dickhead and avoid all eye contact.. what the hell? I guess I get all paranoid about people finding out about me... but it's not like I'm ashamed, I'm just scared of what will happen. I mean I like being queer but I don't like the fact that other people I care about might not. Fear rules my life completely and it fucking sucks.