Poop, in Taiwan =]

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Hello everybody!

Well, just telling everyone I'm fine and great. Uh what did I do in the past week. Oh, we went to this motel place in the mountains... the place is beautiful. It even has private hot spring rooms. The atmosphere and everything is great.

Well, some other usual stuff happened.

I came out to my sister, although I didn't think she caught on to it. What happened was she was reading a email from Tina which reads "It would be funni if Max was bisexual... and had a crush on a guy". Well, so after she replied the email I told her I had to tell her something. Then she thought that I'm going to tell her is that I have a crush on her. (I mean wtfux? She thinks I have a crush on my her (my own sister)? OmGz that's just disturbing and sigusting). Well, then I had to come out to her otherwise she'll live her life thinking that I am trying to tell her something which she believes as 'me having a crush on her.'

I told her "I'm bisexual". Then she didn't say anything. I told her I'm serious. Then she said "you can't be". I was thinking what made her so sure she knew more than me about myself. Then she thinks I'm all crazy and wierd. After that, we never addressed the issue again. I don't know if she took my sexual orientation into account afterwards, or she just simply ignored what I said to her.

Okay, then um. Well... I bought Sims 2 today (shared with my sister). It's a great game! Omgz, I'm gona make hawt guy characters and name them as people I know or fantasise about. =P

Well, that's about it. I finished part of my mandarin homework. I still need to tidy my dad's house... so he can move the piano in so I can start practising. Just as a self-reminder, I still need to write the music analysations and finish the novel. (Note: Also need to finish the intro cinematic for PodfedJaY's map)

I'm going to karaoke tomorrow, and buying some new clothes in Tai-Chung.

Bah, I spent ages typing out at least 60 eCards (for Christmas) for individuals on my MSN contacts list. It took ages, even with the site crashing so many times due to overflowing traffic of people using the eCards.

Also, Merry Christmas all! Have a safe break and enjoy it to the full!

Cyall some other time! Love as always!


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Sounds like you're having a n

Sounds like you're having a nice break:). And that's great you came out to your sister-just give her time, from what you've written about her she seems cool. I guess she just needs time to process what you told her.

Anyways, hope you have an awesome Christmas!


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More denial

Your sister sounds a bit like your mom - both denying it to themselves. See if she brings the subjetc back up in a few days time

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"