Quick Update: Flight + Movie + Saw Cousin

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Hey everybody, I'm able to write a quick update right now since I got some spare time. Only my dad isn't home, in fact my brother is sitting right beside me playing Starcraft right now.

Neways, I'm going to keep everything compacted. My flight was delayed by two hours. It was delayed because the staff at the airport is running a fire emergecny drill (we were all evacuated). And there was also a technical problem with our plane so we had to wait till it got fixed and waited for the control tower to assign a new path for take off.

Well, I watched five movies on the plane (also played chess and other games). I watched Stealth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Monsieur Ibrahim, Red Eye and Seven Swords. My eyes are pretty screwed from all that watching. The main character in Monsieur Ibrahim is cute :)

I went to see my cousins yesterday. We slept late and played on the computer mostly. My cousins were from my mum's brother's family (the adopted brother I mentioned in the other entry). We got dragged into this expensive clothes shop together with them... and I were a bit hesitant about buying a clothing. I chose a CHEAPER one, which was 2800 NT, equivalent to NZ$130. That's really expensive in Taiwan. I kind of felt sorry for my mum because I know my mum doesn't earn much. However my cousins bought heaps... they're just... rich.

Then today when mum was driving us back to dad... she asked me a question "Do you believe in horoscopes?". I said "No". I had an idea where this was going. Last time on the phone when I kind of told her I was gay, she said that when I was going to be born she asked a horoscope guy to predict my future and the horoscope guy said I was going to have a beautiful daughter. Well, guess what. This time it just got worse. At first she said that the guy predicted my talent in maths, and non-atheltic body and frequent fatigues. Then she said again that the guy predicted I will have a beautiful daughter, and a tall and skinny wife. I don't see her motive(s). Is she thinking that it's making me feel better by trying to "comfort" me and deny my sexuality? Or is she attacking what I'm trying to say to her? Then she asked "Isn't what the (horoscope) guy predicted very accurate?". Then I said "some are" and said nothing until the time we got to our house.

I'm scared I'm going to tell my mum. I think I've rushed it. I even nearly told my sister two times when we were at home. I hope I can use my initiative properly and tell them when I'm exactly ready.

Well, my sister and I saw "The Family Stone". It was a good movie. Lol, we were the ONLY TWO in the movie. I was singing and shouting randomly at certain times lol. Man, I wish my sister was Richard (that I fantasise about being gay), Lowell or some random hawt gay guy. Then we'd be doing something more than just watching the movie. =P

Bought a soccer ball and basket ball so I can do something during the day when I'm bored. And also LOL, my dad, sis and I were taking our dog (Chocolate) for a walk today at night. Chocolate rushed in front of us and started humping this other dog. We went up to him and saw he was humping another male dog lol! Man that was funny, my dad was like "Haha, we got a homo dog". I told my sister "Wouldn't it be cool to have a gay dog?". Then my sis was like "Yeah, I'd think so too." When the male dog getting humped went away, I was like "Good dog chocolate". Lol...

Okay um, that's about it. I'll catch you guys up some other time. =)



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Rushing it

I don't think you did rush it with your mom. Your coming out sounded fine. But she doesn't seem to be accpeting it - the horoscope sounds like a deliberate attempt to make you become straight (not that you can of course). You might want to bringb the issue up with her

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I agree-I think you should ta

I agree-I think you should take the innitiative and really try to make her understand, because she isn't seeming to get it at all. And I think if you come off as strong, sure of yourself, articulate, and mature, she should respect you for that. And if she doesn't, other people will.

LOL, that's funny about your dog:). Did you ever see the South Park episode Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride? It reminds me of that!


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