Restless night and ruined day.

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I have been feeling really bored this afternoon. I got up at 2 pm.
I tried to do my home work but I couldn't concentrate. Well they were
other things to in my apartment like ironning and laundry, just felt like
I couldn't spend time on my wn right now.

I am neither confused nor depressed. It should have been a happier day,
lastnight was the firsttime I spent the night at my boyfriend's. We had
brilliant meal and a bottle of chadonay. Snow was beautiful; the city is
quiet and peaceful. I can sit here a brag about it all night what a
brilliant night it was. It was wet when I walked home this morning. I just
couldn't switch off lastnight after dinner.

I think that was the reason main reason. I am heading home again tomorrow.
Yep that little house in Newton Mearns, that one that I couldn't wait to
leave few days ago. Well now I am back in my own apartment and it really
bored me out of my head. Marc didn't answer the phone otherwise we
should've gone out to a club tonight.