Sex education

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The time has come for my teachers to blush. For the next three weeks it's sex and relations for all it's worth. Everything from abortions to erections will be covered. I predict laughter. Personally, I can't imagine anything more entertaining than listening to my old, outdated teachers telling us how to put on a condom.

What worries me is the gay part, though... I suspect there will be discussion (and ugly comments... there always are).

And then we have to give a talk on a subject. I hope I dont get "sexual identity" or something. People would see right through me if i were to do it.



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Dude, they cover that at your

Dude, they cover that at your school? Sucks. We have a religion class about it, and it's pretty positive about gays, except it's a catholic school, so they just talk about tolerance and never get to the good stuff, lol. In my public middle school, we never even covered gays or how to protect yourself in a non-hetero way, but condoms are kind of implied for two guys. Never talked about protecting yourself with a girl...sad.

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God, sex education is always

God, sex education is always the worst-I know more than a lot of people, but that's through my own research. School gives you the "safe" version. But it sounds pretty cool in your school, we never went into homosexual relationships at all...which sucks-I had to learn how to protect myself on my own. And helpful tips from my Remember the word "dental dam," Sam.

I've always thought people could tell whatever I was feeling...the truth is they don't. Most people aren't that observant. You may be feeling transparent, but no one else notices-they're probably worrying about the same thing. So don't worry too much:)


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our school skipped the gay part....."ok we'll stop the video here & we'll learn about gays @ the end of the class" *end of semester* "let's watch Paton!!"
i was kinda disappointed....& my school is in silver's like....the gayest place in L.A.
but most of the class is bisexual or gay so no problem there :D

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