Shower complications.. help!

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As I’m sure you all know, feeling attracted to the same sex is not always easy. It can be really hard sometimes. Literally...
P.E. isn’t easy either. It makes you sweat. Therefore, we shower after the work out, so the smell doesn’t become too intolerable. See where I’m going with this? Hmmm.... Perhaps not.

But it doesn’t really matter. All I need is some advice. Because this can’t go on. It's the fifth time this has happened to me this year alone, and I know they notice. Seriously - it’s not cool.

How can I get away with not showering in the future? Any ideas for excuses I can use with my teacher? Help :S


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To avoid showering you can of

To avoid showering you can offer to help the coach/instructor clean up after whatever game you played. You can also say that you hear rude remarks in there and be asked to be moved to another lockerroom, if your school has another one.

If you can't do that, then perhaps you can count to 100 or further or concentrate on something other than your surroundings (sing a song to yourself, find a plan for peace in the middle east). You can also bite on your lip or take a cold shower.

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Right on

...Or my rather hippy, righteous, immature method (which unlike most hippy, righteous, immature methods, actually worked) which is to simply refuse. Well actually I refused to do physical education at all rather than just the showering..feature, however, you could just refuse to do the showering bit if you're a fan of excercise. What are they going to do, strip you naked? Well fingers crossed, imagine the compensation money for the "emotional damage"!

I feel like a cheap claims company salesman right now.

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I'll go with Campfire-are sho

I'll go with Campfire-are showers mandatory? Will your teacher go, "Avail thee of thy clothes, young sir!" then get everyone to rip off your shorts, hogtie you with rope, then throw you into the showers? Couldn't you just say, "I feel clean, I don't need one?"

Well, if they are, try to think of the most sexually unpleasing things as possible (like in the first Austin Powers movie, you know-"Margret Thatcher naked on a cold day!"), take icy cold showers, and spend your time staring at the floor. Hopefully you don't have a feet fetish.

Hope that helps some;)


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I don't shower after gym. I j

I don't shower after gym. I just bring a large bottle of Axe or other spray deodorant.

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thank god

thank god my PE class never required shower. =]
Just dont think of all the naked guys in fonrt you.
Sing a song. Or think of a naked old guy.

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It's normal

What you are experiencing is normal for all boys. Don't worry about it. If you are that concerned hit the showers first and douse your member in cold water.


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Well I certainly hope that you don't forego showering--it's quite rude to stink when you have a means of preventing it. It's also very unpleasant for those around you when you're in the tight confines of a classroom situation.

Look, it's no big deal. Just either make it a point to shower first or last--even if it means being a little late to your next class. When you're out and gay, it doesn't solve itself; I think it's something that takes a little work, but it's nothing to beat yourself up over. Just keep your eyes focused elsewhere, don't dally around, and get in and out of the shower. It's just as easy as that.

I've gone through the same thing myself (as others here have as well). You'll surely find a way to deal with it that doesn't make you prone to mocking. You may try masturbating before you leave for school. I know that for a young man your age it may not help much, but it may help some.

Good luck,


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eep im glad my school doesnt

eep im glad my school doesnt require showers! O_O


I wanna hug :x!

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lol i dunno dude i have only

lol i dunno dude i have only taken a shower 1nce at school and it sucked lol, actually looking at all the hot dudes wernt bad but :D i would just say u dont need one. i really dont know im not much for excuses.

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I would say shower in cold wa

I would say shower in cold water (it improves circulation, you know) and shower fast...but in cold water that shouldn't be hard. Stare at the floor.


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personaly i think you're luck

personaly i think you're lucky... no guy showers at my school (DARN) i think it would be great to see hott naked guys every day in PE but... yea i would have the same problem with being hard too >< but also some straight guys would get hard in that situation just for the fact that they are naked! but not me b/c im naked whenever i can be ! woot go nakedness!! (lol ive even layed out on my roof naked ;D and made $20 ahahaha friend dared me...)
t('.' )z You know... I could watch my Kirby avatar run all day...

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my god, thats genious, waht a

my god, thats genious, waht a way to sell your body and make money

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Was this ever solved? How did

Was this ever solved? How did ya do it? I need updates!

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We were lucky at my school we

We were lucky at my school we had stalls so it was no biggy, each guy had thier own stall so no nakedness. I wasn't really aware of my sexuality by then so it didn't bug me. And I dropped phys ed as soon as i could, im not athletic in the least

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try thinking of something tot

try thinking of something totally disgusting, like a yeast infection (sorry ladies), and take long deep breathes. Imagine that you are alone in the shower, unless that sparks the problem as well. say a mantra, don't look around, stare at the floor.

Or talk to your teacher. just say you are uncomfortable in the showeres. If he/she asks why, just say you don't feel comfortable in situations of nudity, which is common.

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problem? what problem?

i'm not so sure this is a problem. i get hard in the showers at school sometimes after a tough class when my blood is pumping n the hot water hits my skin. the first time the quarterback of the football team who is in my gym class laughed and made a joke about it which only made it harder but after that they just ignored it, especially after I kicked the guys ass who used to pick on me in gym class.

a couple times a few of the jocks got chubby in the showers and I *KNOW* there str8 so it happens to all of us. its jes hormones and testosternone(sp?). its not so good that gym is my first class of the day and u no what they say about morning wood? ho boy! and i don't want to stink all day and feel itchy so i got over my fear and its no big deal now.

so don't stress over it. u might get a new 'friend' out of it. :-)

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Thanks for the support everyone, but I think I've gathered all the advice I need.

But things have changed; It's not a problem anymore, since no one wants to share the showers with me. After I got the nipple piercing, and started dressing like I want (sort of stereotypically gay), a lot of people think I'm queer, so..
They don't want to be naked around me.. or around me at anywhere else for that matter.. but enough about that. All I wanted to say is that there is no need to continue on this thread... Thanx anyways..


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Think of My school

At my school we are not required to shower after gym, actually given the length of our classes and the time we get to change back into our clothes (Unless we have swimming)it would be ridiculous to try.

My suggestion is not to give up showering, that would be icky, but rather to think about the old people that swim at my school before zero period which starts at 7.18, think of the old wet naked women that greet me every morning when i go to change for class, think of that...that will help.
I don't know if they have naked wet old men in the other locker room, but i can ask my friend if you'd like.

Now, how do I get out of playing volleyball?
Mmmmm old naked people glistening with moisture.

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