sleep please go, please stay

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i dont want to sleep- not that i could if i wanted to
see im okay during the day
when the sunlight comes across my face in warmth
i can sleep then but yet i awake
dreaming of your face wishing i could solve this case
of the robbing of my heart
but i walk through the day
my head pulled down looking at the ground
thinking of you
im still okay when this happens- i still can live
i can fake a smile and laughter

but its the night that plagues me
when i lie awake wishing my life i could take
looking at the ceiling- looking at the spacle make shapes
staring into the night curled under blankets keeping from the bite-of cold air
your face starts to appear. swirling through my room in mocking manner
your voice starts to ring. calmness takes my body over
hearing you love come from your mouth
then my eyes start to become heavy
wieghing them down forgetting the sound
of the backround music i try to fight you away with
i start to drown in your memory.
you face circles aorund my mind not giving me time
to let go of you
then sleep, sleep, sleep----NO! i cant i have to awake
shaking you form my mind
i walk in my house listening to the noises old houses make
but i hear you in them. oh please give me solace.
i miss you my darling i whisper
i was wrong an did hurt you i sob
my hands become burried in my tears.
i need you come back to me, but my mind says no
you will never return i have to begin to learn
how to love you less, but how? how, baby, do i do that
do i stop thinking of your smile
of your singing that rings and bring-joy to me
how do i let you go? i dont
i live my life looking for you. wishing you could be with ME
the one who was there. the one who made you laugh.
i know this can never happen, so this i wish
to subcumb to darkness, to sleep. oh how wonderful that feeling.
at least i can hold you there. you can tell me you love me
i have you there. so sleep please come now. im willing
give her back to me if only for a few flash moments.


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the poem is great

that poem means so much to me the words just remind of how i feel and it is so hard to sleep at night, all i can think of is her its great i love it thnx millyx