That boy from work

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Well I don't know if any of you know about my boy troubles at work.
Coincidentally they all turned out to be fun and game for us, him at least.
At first the things he did to me I really liked, but I tired of them,
wondered why he was doing what he was, and jumped to conclusions about it.
The now comes.
I'm part of yearbook see. I'm doing the freshman mug shots for our book
and I'm also in charge of getting candids for our book.
It turns out I was the first person in like, history to come up with the
idea of taking peoples pictures at that weird?
Anyways, and probably needless to say he's in my lunch.
I took some pictures of every freshman on both days of my A and B lunch.
The day I took photos with him in them I look at them later and found that
he just seemed so incredibly sincere in the pictures.
In the first picture he had the most gentle of smiles, everything about him
was gentle and caring looking, he had a nice pose, nice everything.
He seemed like the person I want to know.
The next picture was just the same, cept for the other boy sitting right next
to him and was reaching over toward another boy rather rudely. Out of
fun of course.
Either way, I just want to know what anyone of you think of me in this area.
Maybe I’m misguided? Why is it that I seem to fall for people when I don't
even know them? And don't seem to ever have a chance at knowing them?
Do you think he may actually care about me, in ANYway?
I just wonder why he can sometimes looks like the person I'd like to know
and then next, be the person I don't want to know.
It's confusing.
I should just give up. But I don't.