the one i lost

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I watched her when I was younger
Doing chores and making meals
Sometimes I swear she’s still here with me
At least that how it feels

She used to read me stories
When I lay down at night
Now when I shut my eyes
She seems to fade from sight

Every time I wake in sweat
She came and sat near my bed
Always there for me
She very quietly said

Then one day I woke
Late in the middle of the night
I went down to see her
And to have her hold me tight

But there she was so faded
She looked so pale and wet
Although she sat there sickly
She was the prettiest thing I ever met

She told me to come near her
And I held her tightly for a while
But then she slowly faded
With a soft faint smile

I watched them lay her down
In the soft green ground
Now I let my tears go
But they don’t make a sound

Mom I miss you
More than words can say
Don’t worry ill be there
With you soon one day


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wkd poem

that poem is great it must be hard loosin your mom hope everythings ok

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beautiful poem I'm always he

beautiful poem
I'm always here for you when you need me, you're my best friend.