The Phoenix (I finally wrote something happy!)

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The Phoenix

There’s always a chance for a new beginning
There are always opportunities to wipe the slate clean
The only catch is that you must want it inside yourself
You must have a desire to change
For without the desire there is nothing
No chance to be born again.
If you do feel this need, this want to start anew
There is something you need to know:
The change may not come easy
It won’t happen at the flick of a wand
But so long as you just keep climbing
Eventually you will reach the top
And the feeling, no drug can rival
The accomplishment is quite great
To look back at where you were
And say to yourself, “I did it!


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congrats on finally writing somethin happy! great poem!

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Thank you

My mission is to see the world with eyes unclouded by pain, confusion, or hate
Fear can either rule, ruin, or enrich your life.