the pretty boy/girl person

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The other day at a school production I saw a particularly beautiful individual and figured it was the first time in a very long time I found myself being really attracted to a male. He was blonde with gorgeous eyes and this intoxicating smile as he talked to his entourage which twisted around him at all times.

Later, when I found out this “boy


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Ah, I feel bad for your frien

Ah, I feel bad for your friend-it seems like she was really weirded out! But that is interesting to think many girls have fallen in love with this androginous being?

I have to say...I would have probably fallen for her too. I'm particuarly attracted to tom-boyish girls:)


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wow your freind was quite ext

wow your freind was quite extreme! ive done that before many times - i like boyish girls and sometimes ill be checking one out, trying to see if its a girl and they turn round and are actually a guy.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

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This is the same reason why s

This is the same reason why so many people think David Bowie is hot; straight, gay, male, female, doesn't matter. It's just the sense that this person is whatever gender you want them to be, and either way, they're hot beyond belief.

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My thoughts exactly. I love androgyny.

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That... is... freakin'... hil

That... is... freakin'... hilarious!

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That's a sweet story. I must agree that androgyny is wonderful.

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oh, androgyny. i love it.

oh, androgyny.
i love it.