The Sound of Our Demise by napalmhamster

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An old friend of mine died in Iraq. I wrote this song in his memory and in the memory of all others who have died (On both sides) fighting this dumb fucking war. It is still pretty rough.

Send the soldiers on a march to die
To the plains where the missiles fly
Cock your weapons and let loose your cry
Armies will clash kill to the very last
Innocent citizens will fall before the surge
Above the turmoil,
I hear a soldier’s cry
“Why do we fight? Why do we have to die?


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Duuuuuuuude. That's fuckin' awesome.

"Which 'we?' 'We three'? 'We the people'? Or my personal favorite: WHEEEEEEE!!!!" Cosmo's my MAN!!!

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Hey, thanks. I appreciate it.

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