This is soo awsome

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O.K. first I have to say that I am soo excited , because I auditioned yesterday, (totally rocked at the coreography) and the directer asked me to sing another song for today. I gues I did good at the song I sang. It's so exciting.

I tried out for baby john and chino, but if I dont get a part thats cool too. I am going to be in another play called"dear Ester". It's kinda like the Diary of Anne Frank, except the Jewish woman in the play lived, and is still alive. Anyways I'm going to get a part in that one.

O yeah, Project runway comes on tonight. I cant wait to watch it. I love that show. It's jus soo neat how people can make beautiful outfits in less than a day:)


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good going! -me, i can't act

good going!
-me, i can't act or dance to save my life.

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