To the Christians who preach to me

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Who are you to preach to me?
About some man I could never see
Preaching of his love for all
All except for me

Because I love someone
Who is the same sex as I?
That gives you right to judge me
And pull gods love aside?

Have you even read that book
That you so firmly grasp?
If you did you would find
That loving is your number one task

But you seem to skip those words
That hold basis for your belief
They don’t justify your hate for me
They’re just words on a paper leaf

I’ve read these words you spew at me
Maybe I had missed a step
I read and read for years on end
And this is the stance I’ve kept

Your religion preaches
From it own holy book
Every sin is equal
Now how does that seem to look?

You lying to your mother
About where you went last night
Is just as big of a sin
As whom I hold extremely tight

Your word preaches about forgiveness
Just believe and you will be okay
But I guess that doesn’t go for homos
When he comes that faithful day

God says he is the judge
And no one else should try
Your job is to love someone
Not to hurt, steal, and lie

You make exceptions to his words
When you don’t like someone
Tell me how that works for you
How does that reason seem to come?

Don’t preach to me anymore
And through that bible in my face
Keep your words from my ears
And keep your thoughts within there case

You have no basis for damning me
What power do you hold?
To look at me and grin
And with your words still scold

Leave us alone you preachers
Take a lesson from us here and now
For we love without holding back or judging
Let us teach you how


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awesome poem!! and its so true. i try to tell every1 that all sin's are equal but they dont it just makes me happy to know that some1 out there see's things the way i do!love it love it
luv ya.........michael:>

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wow that was an awesome poem

wow that was an awesome poem you're so good at writing

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wow that was awesome i love i

wow that was awesome i love it no wonder u and milly are together u have alot in common and you both are great poets

lots of love,