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...was yesterday, and all my friends, excpt like 2 ppl, went with their dates. And I really wanted to go. I like dancing and all that, but the atmosphere is just so tense. It's dance with a girl, or dance alone. But I dont wanna. I want to bring a guy date, and dance with guys. These girls interest me nothing what so ever.. Its like breeder central. "king and queen" n all that crap. I feel miserable about it really, since this is my last year.

We had a sports tounament at school last friday, and my bandy team won every game we played.. It was fun, cause I scored the first goal in each. After that I showed some 8th graders the main light switch to the gym hall... (which is huge) and what do u know.. We saw black :D

I fought with mom again. When she said I couldnt see a friend anymore, cuz she thinks he's like a bad influence of something. I got really worked up about it. And then the next day it was her birthday, and I ignored it. Just went shopping presents instead of making breakfast like i usually do. But afterwards i felt bad about it, and decided to buy her a Billie Holiday cd, and made her dinner. She got over it.

Been watching a lot of Queer as Folk lately. Its the best. This bi-guy I met online had downloaded the whole first season off the internet, and shared them with me. Just finished it. It's actually really nice to watch a show where every1 is gay. And its funny too. Anyway, I can really relate to some of it, unlike all the str8 shows I've grown up with.. hm.. I should stop typing..


oh oh.. i saw king kong.. and fell asleep. haha.. its like an hour too long. totally overrated.