UPS, Body Aches, Broken Locks, And So Much More

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You know, being a couple days behind on everything is such a
bummer. I haven't been home in like 4 days. Well, I've been
home to sleep, but that's about it, and that was only last
night and Friday night. Let's see here. This is what my last
4 days have been like...

Friday: Went to Wild Mountain in Taylor Falls, MN. Didn't over
sleep, yay to Sam and I. But did have a flat tire before we
could leave. (Thanks for pointing it out UPS man) Had to get it
fixed. Didn't have coffee in the system until after 2 hours of
having the slow pokes fill up the tire. Went boarding, only an
hour and a half behind the planned T.O.A. It got cold. 7 bus loads
of annoying middle school kids who all felt they could snowboard
arrived. We left.

Got back into town. Ate at Perkins. Body ached, all over. Still does,
but not as bad. Went to Turtleback (golf course) Katlynn hugged me
and later said, "I hugged her and it wasn't weird at all." (She was
meaning me being gay wasn't weird. She knows I'm gay, but I didn't
tell her. And she's not smart enough to figure it out herself. So
someone told her, but I don't give a rats ass.) While at Perkins,
Sam and I got the great idea of going to see RENT, again. Time number
three for this one here. :) So we went. It was a blast. Time for sleep.
Went home. Ached some more. Zoned out, that was the end of me for the day.

Saturday: Slept late. Ached even more. Can't remember the morning,
or early afternoon. Got some phone calls. A couple early 'happy
birthdays.' Cera called. Katelynn blew out her back at work. She had
mine and Sam's boards in her trunk. Cera and I had to pick them up.
Cera's dad said we couldn't use his car, since we were suppose to use
Katelynn's for Spirit the next day. So we used Sam's car. Ate pizza.
At midnight, Sam and Cera gave me one of my birthday presents. A
black belt with flames, but Cera grabbed the XL on accident so it
didn't fit, at all. Finally got to bed at like 1:30am.

Sunday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Sam woke us up at 5:15. "Wake up girls,
it's 5:15." I turn to her and say, "Sam, go back to bed. We still have
an hour." Someone's cell rang at 6:15 for the alarm. Boy did I want to
find it and throw it against the wall. We planned on being on the road
to Duluth (good 2 hours away) by 6:30. Try again. 7:30 we were getting
coffee. SPIRIT MOUNTAIN HERE WE COME! We made it there by 9:15, only 30
minutes late. Out on the hill by 9:59 (lift ticket said so.) Word of the
day was SKIS.

The lift ticket lady thought I was under 13. I should have said yes.
It would have gotten me a cheaper lift ticket. We broke a board lock.
$20 down the drain. They sucked. Cera's returning them sometime this
week. I got a can of corn from Katelynn. She says I smell like corn.
Went boarding until about 4:30, hill closed at 5. We made it back to
Rice Lake in an hour and a half, not even. Sam wasn't speeding at all.

Found Sam's parents. Somehow got her dad to buy us a pizza. Went
hot tubbing. My hair froze to the hot tub. Couldn't move my head. Sam
and Cera were laughing too hard at first to help me get it unstuck. I
walked through Sam's yard in the snow. Got back into the hot tub. Cold
feet for a while. Felt kind of nice. Cera and Sam thought I was nuts. Sam
dropped Cera's watch into the hot tub. Didn't know if it was waterproof
or not. It was. Rather funny. We hate all but 3 or 4 pieces of a large
cheese pizza. Came home. Slept. Out like a light.

Today: Slept until 10, phone rang. It was for someone who doesn't live
here. Grrrr, hate it when that happens. Fell asleep again, phone rang again.
This time it was my sister. She wanted to talk to mom. But she know mom
was at work. Don't ask me what she was thinking. I don't know. I wrote
down some stuff for my mom. Something about a passport lady??? I'm not
much help when I'm half asleep. Still sitting in my pjs. I did nothing
today. Didn't even take the dog outside. I did feed the fish though. Okay.
So my life in a nut shell. Time for sleep again. I'm finally able to
sleep and eat since I've come out to my mom. Sleep good.


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i hate that feeling when its

i hate that feeling when its the first time of the year you go, your sore for like 4 days straight. i can't wait until we get enough snow. im excited!!