Usual complaining. Christmas too.

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Had a Psychology exam today. I've spoken of it before, the one where we have to get 50% or take it again next week and then if we fail again they throw us off the course. Yeah well I very much doubt I got the 50% this time around, but just because of the time limitation rather than subject ability. Life's a bitch. If we get to retake the same exam I shouldn't see there being a huge issue.

I also listened to the whole of Usher's 'Confessions' album today rather than just the singles that have been released (e.g. 'Burn', 'Yeah!'). It's excellent, glad I got it.

I also watched the film Crash today. My mum went to see it way before me and despite what was seemingly really good ratings and reviews on IMDB and the BBC website, she only said it was "alright, not really brilliant". So I wasn't too geared up for it. But actually I thought it was really good, simply because of the questions it raised. Is bad always bad? And does it depend on who is doing "the bad", and who "the bad" is aimed at? And paradoxically is it always a good thing to do the right thing? Can people be blamed for stereotyping? Or can they be blamed in certain situations, or is it (un)acceptable in every situation?

If nothing else it atleast clarified my positions on some things and has opened my mind a little more. Overall a film which is touching, makes you think and generally cool (for want of a better word).

I get paid tommorow, hurrah. Time to squander my money on semi-appreciated presents, drunken nights and regret it later on in the month. Oh damn budgeting, damn it all to hell! Two rather expensive presents are going to my neice/nephew who are 10 months/2 years respectively. They naturally won't appreciate it. Nevertheless, buying these presents, and indeed spending the amount I am on them, makes me feel like a good and caring uncle (because I am one, I'm just personifying it through the commercialism of Christmas!).

Not too much of a bad week so far. I haven't done my personal statement which I think will catch up with me tommorow, depending on whether I bump into my tutor tommorow (which I usually do on a Friday). Otherwise, 4 hours of Geography and I'm free until 5pm. And then I have work until 10pm. And then people want me to go to the pub, but I think I'll save my money this month. And then work for the rest of the weekend. Work Christmas party on Sunday. School Christmas party on Monday. Typical. And a good friend's 18th birthday just has to fall just around Christmas doesn't it?

Okay, complaining done for now.

P.S. Several gin and tonics, so apologies for bad grammar/spellings/structure.


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was a definitely good movie. I don't think I thought about it so much as you did, though. Maybe that was just the mood I was in.

Don't have any more gin and tonics.

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Well, at least take out the g

Well, at least take out the gin! Tonic water by itself is tres deliceux...or maybe that's just my weird tongue talking.


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