Walkman bows to iPod

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In the car, I played a former favorite CD that I thought had been ruined but miraculously wasn’t and actually only skipped like twice out of the whole 11 songs. That could possibly be one of the most refreshing surprises known to mankind. Or mekind anway.

It was Rob Thomas screaming wisdom at me through my speakers which have too much treble and not enough bass but are nonadjustable. And then he sang about death in his round about, poetic way, very softly and very reflectively, and I felt emotion stinging my eyes a little as I drove down the icy back streets.

Eventually, I reached my destination—a small Chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere—and parked with my head resting on the steering wheel until the song ended. Inside the restaurant among the booths I made my face blank and dealt with being in public. In public I’m so boring I may as well not exist. I’m like the extra pair of tongs in the lo mein dish.

Meanwhile at home in my refrigerator, the supply Aquafina bottles mysteriously never dwindles no matter how much of it I drink. However, the Aquafina tastes suspiciously like tap water and doesn’t have the subtle acidity of added minerals, so I’m not fooled. It’s very characteristic of my mother to fill up name brand bottles with tap water. She puts Our Family colored O’s cereal into containers and pours the generic brand of orange juice into a pitcher and then in the morning she talks like we’re eating a breakfast of Fruit Loops and Tropicana.

Oh, and also this: I feel bad for the walkman. It’s being shoved to obsoleteness by the iPod. Why this saddens me so, I’m not sure. I’ve always sympathized with inanimate objects. Really. Ask Big Bertha’s favorite chair.


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Me too

I sympathize with inanimate objects too. When it comes time to replace the comfortable chair that's been in the family for years, the Atari that nobody wants anymore, and other things like that I feel sad as well.

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful that it is no worse than it is."

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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ahahahhahah its the same thin

ahahahhahah its the same thing for me =P

I wanna hug :x!

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omg...today i was drivin list

omg...today i was drivin listening to music and i thought about writing an entry about it...freaky...sorry, nerdiness. oh and i totally feel that way about inanimate objects too.

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I think our house is too clut

I think our house is too cluttered for me to sympathize with most inanimate objects. But I know what you mean about walkmen--walkmans? It is sad.

Beautiful characterization of both your mother and your persona, by the way.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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I think we feel bad about get

I think we feel bad about getting rid of or replacing inanimate objects not because we feel sorry for them specifically, but rather because we feel as though something somehow integral to our lives is being destroyed. The chair has no feelings, but I feel we imprint our own feelings of abandonment and loss onto the chair because it is in some way connected to our lives.

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Rob Thomas is a genuis, he su

Rob Thomas is a genuis, he sure as hell gives me advice a lot.
I'm just dancin' in the wind