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Hey Beautiful,
Okay this is a rant thing. Its al ittle about me slash a rant of what is going on. Im 15 years old.I live in Texas with my mum, step dad and older sister. I just came out to the rents in november. They pretty much already knew son not a big problem there. lets see what else. I just got out of the hospital for eating disorder/cutting shit. I hate the way i look. lol. Go figure who dosnt these days. Oh and by the way im a very blunt person. So sorry if i offend you just tell me. I tell things like i see them ya know what i meen? I love life dont want to die. I love being who i am sept for mt loks. Very strong and stubern but open minded if that makes sense. Lol. Go figure/ Im esay to get along with. Im a dram queen as people like to call me lol. What i want to do when i get out of school is becom a bar tender. I know shocker!!!! lol. I wanted to go into the air force but sense im bipolar and wel gay i cant. So mixology here i come!!!!!!! well enough about me. Tell me about your self. Who are you? Whats you name? Age? Life style? Why are you here? What keeps you going? Wel im out... Love you all....


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being blunt rocks, so much less to figure out....saves a lot of time :)

eh, what're ya gonna do...

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i know....lol. just i cant st

i know....lol. just i cant stand when people try to cover things up!!! it pisses me off. but alot of people like it it makes them feel good about them selves and shit like that. i just dont understand how people cand be so sheltered all their lives....

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You could still go into the a

You could still go into the air force couldn't you? Just because you're gay...what does that have to do with it?

Some women can't say the word lesbian... even when their mouth is full of one.
Kate Clinton

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Not only gay...

It's not only because im gay but its because im bipolar.
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