What's your sense of humour?

5% (1 vote)
5% (1 vote)
18% (4 votes)
5% (1 vote)
5% (1 vote)
5% (1 vote)
27% (6 votes)
Witty (clever, a quip)
5% (1 vote)
All of these things!
18% (4 votes)
I have no sense of humour.
0% (0 votes)
9% (2 votes)
Total votes: 22


devildog's picture

*mind blank*

LOL, I supply any type of humour depending on the occasion. It's very important to me to be able to laugh with someone.

Hey, I just noticed something...I always have such a long list of choices. Oh well, life is complicated:)


I’m not as sad as Doestoevsky,
I’m not as clever as Mark Twain,
I’ll only buy a book for the way it looks,
And I'll stick it on the shelf again.
-Belle and Sebastian

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Long List

You do always give like a bagillion choices lol, but that makes it interesting!

rowie's picture


im areally sarcastic person - althoughim also extremely dirty sometimes. lol.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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i basically have a really gro

i basically have a really gross sense of humor that occasionally gets me introuble...im also obnoxiously sarcastic...mhmm

NovaCat's picture

Mostly, it's juvenile sarcasm

Mostly, it's juvenile sarcasm combined with a very strange sense of irony. Like, the stuff I find funny is often sstuff that other people don't find funny at all, usually because it's not obvious humor. Like, stuff that is "out of place" cracks me up for some reason. Just weird things like that. Kind of Monty Python-esque, but stranger.

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Stranger than Monty Python? lol Monty Python is crazy! Kudos to you for topping it lol

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Random all the way

random all the way boom shacalaka!

"A way of peace
Through an act of war."

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So Funny...

I don't know if this makes me the funniest person ever lol but I have all these + more!!

Take my fucking hand
and never be afraid again.