Why do I always fall for the straight, adorable, blonde, Christian girls? (feel free to comment)

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Okay, this is really starting to get to me. If it's not one, it's another. I have totally gotten over my crush on Lesley. The only problem is, the only reason I've gotten over it is because I have found a newer, even *more* unobtaibable object of my affections. Her name's Cortney and she's the lead singer of this Christian band. (They're called Crimson Ink. www.myspace.com/crimsonink. Go check them out, they frigging ROCK.)

This is basically how it went down. I'd heard about Crimson Ink from several people around school. So when I heard they were playing at this local place called Plan B, I asked my dad if I could go. Obviously, he said yes. So, that Friday, feeling very nervous, I set out for Plan B. It was okay. That's not the basis of my story. I had to wait a little while before the band started playing. But when they did, holy frigging crap. Cam (Cortney's brother and lead guitar player) started in with an awesome riff, and Cortney's standing with her back to us with her little tail shaking so adorably. She turns around and *BOOM* my heart went into my toes. She was absolutely beautiful. Blonde hair all in her face, big, intense blue eyes. Just intense and dramatic and so passionate about what she was doing. Halfway through the show, they had to pause and she starts giving testimony (in case you weren't brought up in a Christian enviroment, that's when whoever starts talking about how they came to Christ, it's pretty cool) and she looked right at me [or at least I think she did] and my heart nearly exploded. I mean, she was absolutely gorgeous, and good god! How does such a enormous voice come out of such a tiny, perfect body? The mind boggles. So they continued, me standing there, my eyes only on her, as they played on. Once they finished, they start taking apart their equipment and I wander off to the other part of the building. I didn't notice Cortney jumping down and heading for me (yeah right) until she kind of bumped into me. She gave this adorable grin and we danced around each other for a second. When she got past, she turns around and sticks out her hand. "Hi I'm Cortney." "Rebekkah." I say. She grins agains and shakes my hand. Amazing, didn't even know someone but me shook hands anymore. Anywho, as I'm trying to recover from the honest friendliness (sp??) of a total stranger, another band starts playing and I start wandering around, trying to be near her as much as possible. (Yes I can be a little obsessive at times, but who hasn't?) The lights dim, and I end up standing near the pillar, *right next to her*. Trampas, (this awesomely cool guy who goes to my school and is the bassist) looks at me and goes, "Hey, I knowyou!!" and I yell back, "I know you too!!" I told him I knew Brittany Duffy (Who rocks!!) and it connected. Cortney turns to me (and touches my shoulder) and asks if I had myspace. I nodded and she goes, "I think I've seen you on there." Very. Cool. after that, I wandered around for a little while longer, checked out their stuff. Got a demo and got a flyer, which Cam, Cortney, and Trampas signed.

Then, afterward, I was on myspace and I saw that Cortney had added me, (another wonderful triumph) and she'd commented on my blog. "You are soo awesome Bekka! It was great to finally meet you!" Pretty nice of someone who I've just met. So, now I'm in love with someone who can *definitely* never love me back. Durn it!


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Because....straight adorable

Because....straight adorable Christian girls are always really sweet and funny and perfect? I can't sympathize with the blonde part. Are you sure she's straight? Good luck, anyway.

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Because they are fabulously amazing?

And what makes you so sure she's unreachable? She might not be straight.

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Aw, don't be so quick to assu

Aw, don't be so quick to assume she's straight;). Everyone assumes I'm straight...I swear, if I didn't say anything; maybe because I'm all blonde and cute looking, or something, and lesbians should be butch o_0. She sounds really awesome though...I think you should go investigate *wink wink*. LOL


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