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Well its been interesting, the start of my Christmas vacation that is.
My best friend stayed over the night. It started out rough. There was nothing to do. Neither of us had money. We would receive our checks the next day.
I found a little wad of paper tucked into my wallet that turned out to be a free rental for a local movie place. A little treasure to us. We rented that new football game Blitz League or something like that. I don’t know, I didn’t play it, I watched him play it.
But before he even came over I had set things up. I spent hours cleaning my room. I even set up a mood for my room. I lit like ten different huge candles and placed them throughout my small room. They created the most wonderful of smells. The type of smell that when you smell it you instantly feel like you need someone close to you, that you need to cuddle and snuggle up to that person, that the smell is that person. That you could get so lost in it ya know? I had turned on my Lava lamp, a groovy deep purple with pinkishly purple lava. And had turned on the Christmas lights that ran around my room.
It was so fun and I felt so good about doing it. I wanted the night to be nice for us. Even if he didn’t know what I meant by all of it. I’m not quite sure I know what I meant by all of it. But I do know this: It was just like when we were little kids together. The smells and the everything about the presentation of the room. The memories it brings back.
He got to my place and said instantly “I wonder what your planning tonight.


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It was interesting to read anyway :)

You talked about your relationship in an interesting way. And yes, I know what you mean about the just another person in my house thing. It always feels a bit sad when that happens with someone I used to care so much about.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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Such a long time has passed s

Such a long time has passed since I've read a piece of introspection that is of my interest.There was a sense of nostalgia so palpable in the piece that woke me up from my apparently catatonic state of mind(I never thought there could be such an ailment like extraneous thought process until these past few years). I've come with a peculiar term for such a bittersweet experience; I like to call it the "acquainted strangers complex." Such complex seems to proliferate in such an astounding rate when self-identification starts to run its course.

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lol ive jerked it with friend

lol ive jerked it with friends too... they watched the porn (i watched them ahaha) i found in my moms room and we all like jerked off... ive done it alot with my best friend ive lost... . . nvm n e ways it was fun with him lol (we were this comfortable because we knew each other since the 2nd grade)