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Alrighty, my Adam countdown is at 5 days, give or
take a couple hours. He's gotten a little better,
and has totally given up on touching me or even
asking me about why the hell I don't want him to
touch me, both are totally awesome in my book. He
can't go back to basic training (Canadian Forces)
saying that he didn't learn anything. Sam and I
took him out boarding last night, err, two nights
ago now. He didn't do a shitty job out there either.

I on the other hand tried to kill myself. I totally
fucked up my neck. Let me tell you, falling on ice
after flying through the air sucks ass. Can't move
it to the left very far. It's slowly getting better,
but after 24+ hours I'd like it to be farther along.
I mean, every time Sam and I go out boarding I always
fuck up my neck, but I never seem to remember that
everytime it hurts like a bastard.

We had a blast though. I got verbally assulted by some
little 7 year old girl who was being fed lines by her
older brother and his friend. The boys couldn't have
been more than 9 maybe 10 years old. Funny as shit to
hear a little 7 year old call you weird, and then
having them expect you to get pissed off by it.

Sam, April, Adam, and I just kept bullshitting with the
little dudes. At one point the little chick was like,
"Yea I bet I could kick your butt out on the hill." I
had totally agreed with her. Hell, she's 7 years old and
out boarding. She could definately kick my ass. And then
the brother told her something and the other kid goes,
"No, don't say that!" And the little girl looks around,
sorta like she's lost and the boy says to his sister,
"You're just pissed that you couldn't land anything tonight."

This little girl gets all pissed off at him, and then April
kicks in and says, "WHAT! You lied to us! You said that you
could kick our asses out on the hill! And that you were
really good! We don't like liars!" I think that was probably
the wrong thing to say to a little kid, but it was funny
as hell. Then we left.

There was this really hot chick at the hill too. I couldn't
make up my mind on whether I thought she was hot or not, but
after thinking about it, she definately was. At least when she
had her coat on. I don't know what was up with me, but every-
time I saw her in just her sweatshirt she wasn't hot anymore?

Don't ask. This was only the second time I had met April and
so I explained the situation to her between Adam and I. I was
totally up front with her about my sexuality, she didn't seem
to care. She kept saying shit to me like, "Yea, you like pussy."
And at one point she might as well have just said, "Dude,
you're such a lesbian." And she was saying all of this infront
of Adam, who didn't catch on one bit. The kid is such a moron
sometimes. Just doesn't get it.

Okay, so like for Christmas/Holiday/Chanukah/Boxing Day whatever
the hell people want to call it these days. (I like Boxing Day),
my "Mommy Santa" didn't come. She couldn't remember what I had
wanted, so she said that she'd pay for my RENT ticket. Sam and I
found out that RENT was going to be playing in Appleton in Feb.
and we're so going.

We were planning on going to a concert, but there were no good
bands playing in Minneapolis. So we said, "Hey lets check out
if RENT is playing anywhere close to us."

HECK YA! APPLETON! It's only 5 or 6 hours from RL, so it's
totally worth the drive. I'm so freaking excited. I can't wait.
Buying our tickets on January 20th! This'll be my next countdown

Yea, I think I've totally lost it. But my loosing it has been
totally fun, so it's all worth it. Holy hell, I don't know
what to do with myself anymore. I'm back to my old sleeping
habits. Can't fall asleep unless it's after 2am. Still have
almost an hour to waste. This totally sucks. Oh well. But yea,
that's been my last couple days...Well, most of it. The rest
is pretty boring. Yea...Soooo, there we have it...