"You're Different And That's Super!"

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I'm an avid television viewer who absolutely cannot stand
commercials, so during commercials I flip the channel. Tonight
my maddening obsession of hating them brought me to CNN's
Showbiz Tonight, which had the boys from "Queer Eye" on.

Although I have never been able to sit myself down and watch
"Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", which by the way changed it's
name for the upcoming season to "Queer Eye", I stuck around and
watched the clip that featured the guys.

They did the usual - chit chatted about their new season and how
they're not going to focus on only men, but now mostly weddings,
barmitzvahs, and other family related outings...blah blah blah.
Then in the last segment of the clip the guys talked about books.
Turns out Carson Kressley wrote a children's book titled, "You're
Different And That's Super!"

I'm a big fan of children's books. So when a children's book with
the word "super" in the title comes around, I am so game. And what's
a better children's book than one that is a spin off from "The Ugly
Duckling"? I just had to share that with everyone because I just had
to. Don't you think that SUPER is a fun word to say? I sure do.


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hahaha...super is an awesome word!!! That's so funny cause i heard that show in my living room like 15 mins ago.

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LOL, you know what's funny? H

LOL, you know what's funny? Hanz Christian Anderson was gay...The Ugly Duckling indeed.

It's such a sad story:(


I’m not as sad as Doestoevsky,
I’m not as clever as Mark Twain,
I’ll only buy a book for the way it looks,
And I'll stick it on the shelf again.
-Belle and Sebastian

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lmao i saw this also, im so g

lmao i saw this also, im so gonna get it when it comes out :D and yes i have tyo agree Super is a great word :D

Homopbobia - Personal Insecurity of your sexuality.

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i dont get it...whats os funn

i dont get it...whats os funny about the word super?...people say it everyday...

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

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