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It's been a while since I've posted on here...but...just a question

How do you go about meeting other bi/lesbian girls? I don't have any sort of experience with relationships...and I'm not 21 so I cant go to any kind of bar, and my university's GLBT group here in Chicago is just not something I'm interested in, like I went once but the atmosphere felt weird to me and I just wasn't enjoying myself...but...I would really like to find someone to try out a relationship with, I just feel socially retarded, it takes me a little bit to open up to people, like I'm not really shy once people get to know me, but right off the bat I may be hard to read. I don't really know how to tell with girls, I fell for my best friend (as do many I've read) and she's straight, but I fell anyway, and I really want to move on from the feelings i've had for her. Any advice? thanks!

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im currently asking the same

im currently asking the same question as yourself. luckily im in the UK so can get into bars and what not since im 18, but they arnt always the best way to look for g/f. i guess the best way would be through friends, ask if they know anyone who they could set you up with etc. search on the net and see if there are any gay events happening around you area.

if ya wana talk let me know :)

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you're in the UK? *bites lip*

you're in the UK? *bites lip* i really don't have too much advice to give you, but i would check out your school to see if they have a Gay-Straight-Alliance type group. If not, look into starting one. Also, search internet sites such as these for people around your area who are gay as well. enter a search into an internet search engine for local meeting places/support groups for GLBT teenagers in your area. good luck! let me know how it goes.

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no i'm in Chicago, Illinois...united states...

but thanks for the replies guys! hopefully this quarter i'll find at least some good new friends...i'm a freshman and this is only my second quarter here...hmm...lonely...yeah.