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ok, ive known since september that my best friend is gay, and shes known im gay (we came out together), however, we've been talkin lately, and i told her she should tell her parents... well, her parents are from the south and very much "gays are wrong!" well, when she told her mom, her mom just went, "ur not gay" and my friend went, well im thinking i might be bi, and her mom just goes "bi's are jsut people who can not get enough sex and have to screw everyone for it" and my friend got pissed. all she wanted was to tell someone, and she was about to tell a different friend too, but now shes really mad at herself for telling someone, and its making her really wonder if she is gay... shes not mad at me, or her parents or anything, shes mad at herself for telling, i said she had every right to tell, but shes still angry, any advice for me to her????

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my parents said the same thin

my parents said the same thing - and I backed down. That was a mistake. Big long trip of doubt and self-loathing. He needs to not let his parents affect his current views, but, if its going to cause problems.. maybe he should just wait till hes dependent

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WEll about her not sure she's

WEll about her not sure she's gay anymore...that happened to me when I came out. it seemed like everytime i told someone I would start doubting that i actually was gay. I think that the reason I felt this though was because since i was admitting it more I felt that it was more of a normal thing. So before I was out, it was this big, "omg I'm gay, im different," all that stuff. Then after i was out it was more of a "i just like boys" thing. i thought it was totally normal and that it wasnt a big deal. My norms had changed i think...Did that make any sense? i'm tired and I can't use words well when im tired. The bottom line is, she probably is gay and not to worry about that too much. She shouldn't not question though if she feels like she has to. i just totally contradicted myself....anyway, good luck with that!