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I suppose I knew when I was eleven, but really there is no set date for these things. You grow up thinking you’re straight, you’re conditioned too—every fairy tale growing up had a princess and her faire night, every song you’d ever heard was about the love between a man and a woman. Children don’t think about sex, so what can they do but assume?

To be honest, I assumed too long. I can remember looking at my best friend at the time in a way that scared me; I noticed how beautiful she was, I had dreams about her. But, you put it in the back of your mind. “It’s just a phase.


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I think im bi, and I found

I think im bi, and I found out when I was eleven. I had (still do) a crush on my best friend. I know! We are conditioned to think "woman and man". :(

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You should introduce

You should introduce yourself in a journal post, not a comment!