Advice from Rayven

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I had been watching The Telly with my mom one morning, the news. CNN I
believe, I don't exactly remember who the guy was, but it was
something about him being gay and such. My mom had told me then that
she didn't care if I ended up being gay. She would love me no matter
what. This was before my dad lived with us.(They are divorced, he just
sorta showed up at our door one day). Anyway, I didn't tell her at
that very moment. It was a few days afterwards. I had been bothered
about not having anyone know at that point. I felt guilty. For certain
web-browsing habbits. So I guess i looked kinda sad sitting on our
grey couch.
My mom and I are really close. We have a great mother-daughter relationship.

She being the wonderful mother she is, asked me what was bothering me.
Her first thought was drugs. But I said no. Then I said it was
something we talked about the other day. It took alot of guessing but
she finally got it. She's perfectly fine about it. Her philosophy is
that Im actually a lesbian. But right now, I don't want to exit my
comfort zone. Try to fit in, ect.
I came out to my friends next. Each one was accepting. Which is
awsome. None of the girls were really creeped out. The guys,
well..they are guys. Its "Hot".

If I was to post a tip on "coming" out. I would say, if your not
certain on how the person feels about gays and lesbians, ect. Start a
conversation. It could be anything from, them commenting on how gay
something is, and then say something like "Well, I'm pretty sure that
most of that class is straight, whats your take on it?" Just find out
their opinion on the gay world before approachnig them.
If they don't care, tell them. They will respect you more for trusting them.

Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: Washington, USA