Advice from Shane

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Thank u 4 the opportunity to share my story. In my region-the midwest-it is hard to come out of the closet becuz they are very closed minded in the small cities, which I live in right now. I grew up in a somewhat religious family upbringing and that made me "ashamed" and tried to go "straight" from 1989 to June 2005. I broke up w/my (now ex) girlfriend (that treats me like s*** now) because of "homosexual tendencies that I cannot control anymore". One month later, I found a male friend and we have been together (currently) for 3 months and 4 days now and I have NEVER been happier!!!:)

Anyway, back to the topic: there are only 2 people that know what I am--my mother and my sister who are both very supportive of me. I never had a "fashion sense" of any kind until now, thanks to my BF who has me wearing Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren, Polo etc. U get the idea.

Age: 35
Sex: male
Location: midwest, USA


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Advice from Shane

I am truly happy for you! It's great to read this stuff after proper crap days, really it cheers me up to know things are working out for our team! Best wishes to you and your bf!!