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I'm 19, Male, Bi, and from CT, but go to college @ Providence College in RI.

The first person I told about my sexuality was my ex girlfriend Katie, and she was fine. I was questioning at the time, and was not sure if I was Gay, straight, or somewhere inbetween. She was really supportive. We talked about it, and then I told another female friend at School. This was last May. they were both pretty cool about it.

A week later at a party, I had had a bit of alchohol (and by a bit I mean 6 or 7 beers) and I ended up telling my conservative catholic friend. He just stared at me. For about 5 minutes he stared at me, and I came to the realization of what I had just said. I was pretty worried- but he said that he was ok with that. And that was a good thing. And then, that summer I told my parents. That was where it stopped being nice. They didnt believe me. It's been 5 months, and they STILL dont believe me. Gotta love denial.

October 11th this year, I came out at my uber conservative small college - and I havent had too much negativity. Thats mostly cause I surround myself with cool people though- and I dont really care what the non-accepting assholes think.

Sorry if this doesnt really flow or make sense... but yeah, thats my coming out story.


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you have a good life

Except you parents, you have been accepted by most of the people in your life. Not all of us are that lucky. You have a pretty good life. Make good use of it. And don't worry that your coming out story didn't make sense. It made sense to me.