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So, a little whil ago I had a conversation with one of my online friends and it put my life in perspective. We had this....interesting conversation (if anyone's really desperate to know what it was you can ask me), but looking at what I said/typed, it made me realize that there is no way I'm straight. Whether or not I'm bi or lesbian I don't know, but I'm sure that I like girls.

I keep expecting to feel all different. I know you can't 'feel' gay. I know that I'm still me, but still...

And now I'm all scared I'll loose this sureness I have. Like I'll wake up and it'll be gone.

I talked to my mom earlier and I ended up saying "I think I'm bi"

She said that bi's are disgusting and that they can never live happily with just one person and that if I am bi I should not have kids cus it would confuse them.

Well, I'll just have to have plenty of money for my future kids' therapy

She says that I'm just confused and I've only met strong female personalities and I'm afraid to like a guy and I don't know how to talk to them. Well, personally, I've never cared whether or not I have guy friends. If I do fine, but if I don't oh well.

I told her I'd see a shrink if it made her happy. Part of me wants to though. I need to talk to someone, and she's too biased she says she's not. but her reaction disagrees.


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Go see a shrink for sure, but

Go see a shrink for sure, but make sure its a straight shrink, with a very open mind. (and a PhD)

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If you can see a shrink, go i

If you can see a shrink, go if you want to. They can help you sort out issues related to your sexuality, social life, or anything else in this crazy world. Alternatively you could use Oasis to help sort things out and find people to talk with.

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Sexuality is far more fluid t

Sexuality is far more fluid than society makes it out to be. For a long time I identified as being straight, then bisexual, then a lesbian, now I'm back to being bisexual.

It won't confuse your kids to the point of needing therapy if you were bisexual, especially if you waited until they were older to tell them.

Relax and just let yourself feel whatever you need.


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i dont know if i could ever t

i dont know if i could ever talk to a shrink if i went to one, i dont think i could really just randomly spill out to someone i done know, but who knows, ive never been to one. if you have aim, talk to me sometime, i love talking to you guys from oasis, i share many of your problems. talk to me next nasa nerd87

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