Am I the quiet one to watch out for?

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I have no true friends. Well..I have some, but basically, I spend time with myself and no one else. It sucks. Everyone else I know seems to have friends they go places with and hang out with. I have school friends and that's it. Nothing else. My online friends are the closest thing I have to real friends. I've even thought about going out with guys just for some sort of companionship. Anybody have any advice for finding some nice lesbians to be friends with?


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try to do stuff out of school

try to do stuff out of school with your school friends. join clubs - anything will do, why do your friends have to be lesbians just because you are. im into art but my friends dont have to be. some of my friends like chinese food but i dont. we still have a great time - our differences complement each other.

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Mostly because my friends are

Mostly because my friends are straight guys, and I'd like someone other than them to talk about girls with.

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