Another "ordinary" day.

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Today was,well,pretty boring. I spent most of the morning in deep slumber until round about tenish. However the day wasn't a complete yawn. I went to the airport to pick up my cousin's girlfriend/fiancee'/wife?(I don't really know who she is to him,so that explains the previous stuff,) My cousin's sister(Tha-my "identical" twin),drove us there. When we got there, I saw this amazing guy.HOOOOOOOT!!!!! I pointed out the guy to my cousin. She wasn't as drawn to the guy as I was. We sat down and I just kept oggeling(mind the spelling)at the guy. It was as if God had made my dream man. He was tall,well-built(by my own definition!) and handsome. Also, he looked like a bad boy(I'm attracted to guys like that). Meanwhile,Tha was drooling all over another guy who had come to pick up his girlfriend(she found out,much to her disappointment). Unfortunatly,"my man"(as Tha labelled him) had left with his mom(whom he had come to pick up). I didn't even have time to flirt(not that I would have coz I doubt He would have even given me the time of day).Tha was still in her own world,even after we had picked Mal up,so we didn't talk much on the subject. The surprising thing is that Tha is "dating" this guy called Rob, who she snuck out last night to see,and came back bad-mouthing him,only to call him back later and tell him how much she loved him(and she meant it!). She claims that it's just "a fling" but the amount of attention she gives this guy is amazing. She keeps asking me whether she should stick with him or not.What should I tell her?(NB:the first meeting he had with her parents i.e.her dad,really sucked,and swallowed! So did the second and the third!)Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!Peace!