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I have a friend and we joke around a lot and we pretend we're dating, ha ha right? Except i came out to her today. i wrote her a note explaining that i didn't want things to change between us. i hope they don't. i guess i'll find out tomorrow. i want a girlfriend so much, i want to know what it feels like. but there is no one in the immediate area that could fill that job description. so i am left wondering and filled with fanasies and hopes that the first girl i told won't take it the wrong way.


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I joke about like that with p

I joke about like that with plenty of my friends and none of hats changed since i came out. usually homophobic people dont joke about that in the first place and my friends who did turned out to be the ones who accepted me most. good luck!

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I went through almost the exa

I went through almost the exact same thing when I first came out. My best friend and I would joke around, pretend to be lesbians...and all of that. I finally decided to come out to her, and, to my surprise, she was completely cool with it. Nothing changed between us at all. After a while I think she found out that she was actually bi.
Usually we anticipate our friend's reactions to be worse then they are. They usually don't make to big a deal out of it.
As far as the 'not having anyone in the immediate area to fill the position' thing goes, I can relate. I live in a small rural community, and I don't think anyone else (my age) around here is even bi, besides my previously mentioned friend.
Anyway, no matter how it turns out, congrats on having the courage to tell her, and good luck!!