Back from Tao-Yuan Trip

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Greetings fellow Oasians, I have officialy returned from Tao-Yuan after two days (Yas, that must have been a very long time =\)

So um, I'd just think of this as a recount of when I did there. So uh, two days ago my sister and I took the train up to Tao Yuan (2.5 hours) and stayed at Gillians house. Gillian and Elena both came back to Taiwan and both lives in Tao Yuan so we went out to these deparment stores together (Idee, FE21, Tonlin) and uh.. these other shops and we ... shopped (of course). We all bought something each for Gillian as her early birthday present this year. (She'll have nothing this November xD). Apparently, I bought a lot of stuff myself too (seven pieces of clothing). I think I spend too much nowadays.

So after hanging round for a while, we went and saw Memoirs of a Geisha (the movie). I found the movie a disappointment. They missed out SO MUCH detail, some things are different from the book too (Nobu actually has an arm amputated, and Hatsumomo didn't get kicked out because she set the Okiya on fire [the Okiya didn't even get set on fire in the book], Mameha didn't tell Sayuri that the Baron was bidding the highest for her mizuage [she found out herself], Sayuri didn't dye cloth for kimonos after Kyoto got shut down [she dyed cloth for parachutes that is supplied for war], and many more). Bah, damn movies. Books are usually better than movies, since you can imagine things with all the details given while the movie limits you to only one perspective.

Then we went back to Gillian's house. She has a brother seven months older than me (but like 30 cm shorter than me). He looks so cuddly and cute lol.

Gillian's house is in an aparment. Her dad used to be the mayor of Tao Yuan. They have like a TV in each room, and the aparment they live in have shared facilities like swimming pools, pool table, badminton courts and cafes, gardens etc. It's totally amazing.

So um, we watched Alias until 12am. Then the next day we slept until 12 pm lol. Then we went back to Idee again (the department store). We met Gillian's friend from her intermediate school and Gillian's friend's friends (which were all guys xD). Joanna came to join us later on (at first she wasn't going to come because she had a inflamed stomach and intestine - the only food she ate for the past week was soggy rice =[). The girls went to shop around and the rest of us boys went to floor 12 at FE21 to those gaming rooms with all those uh gaming machines (you know, car racing, shooters, basket shooting consoles etc.) I was like on the dancing machine like 10 times (and I sucked totally lol). It was mad fun. We spent the last 10 coins at this gambling console hoping to get more, but we lost them all lol xD

A lot of those guys were really hot looking. The one that was Gillian's friend is REALLY perverted lol. He keeps going on about girl's butts and pointing at girls she finds hot going past. I'm actually the youngest in the group (and the tallest), and he keeps trying to 'corrupt' my mind. I won't exactly go into the details. I actually don't know his name but I did ask. He told me to call him "Big Bird", which is apparently a big "Small Bird" which is a slang for penis in mandarin lol (So I would be calling him Big Penis LOL). I knew he was joking but I kept calling him that anyways. I find him the sexiest out of all the guys xD.

So the time comes, we ate dinner and then took the train home. I took some photos (not much), a few of that sexy guy too. He was on one of those kiddy cars, you know the ones that go up and down and play music if you insert coins and kids ride on them. It was so retardedly funny, everyone was staring at him. I even videoed him on it lol. Neways, those were great times...

So uh, now I'm back home again. Tomorrow I would be going to see gramp and on Friday going to Tai-Jhong to see Wolf ID with Julie. Dad will probably take me,my sis and bro to Tai-Jhong again to buy MORE clothes. I uh, need more jeans. I didn't realise the two pair of jeans I bought at Tao Yuan were FEMALE jeans. I thought they looked kind of fitting because I have slim legs too lol. But when I tried them on at Gillian's place... they were REALLY tight near the knee. They'll probably just add to my cross-dressing collection if I ever would crossdress publicly. Damn I must look sexy in them if I was a girl lol. Okay, time to stop the gay talk now =P Cyah everyone xD

PS: I feel like such a whore. Okay, this is random, but I do. Every hawt guy I come across I just feel like screwing him and sucking his dick. This is the truth, I don't know if I can feel committed to one person. Bah, but I can't help it damnit.


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I see what you mean about spending too much on clothes. Women's jeans are nice though, if a little tight around the crotch (yes I know, unplesant image)
And as for the feelings towards other guys - everyone feels like that when there are so many hot guys about

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