Back to school today.

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I arrived in Glasgow at 11 p.m. yesterday. Weather has so far been better than I thought. Sky is still cloudy and I still had my breakfast in dark this morning. But sweatshirt is good enough to shield me off from cold and elements.

As soon as I got back to Glasgow - Marc and (camp) David bought me a homecoming pint at Goose's. Our table was oacassionally attended by a cute Australian waiter. We were still talking about how insecured and uncertain I still was about facing KennyD for the firsttime after he broke up with me.

Although I am already enrolled in a graduate school, but I still have three underagraduate classes to finish off by the end of this semester. My timetable worked out nicely, I only have to be on campus for 11 a.m. classes Monday - Friday.

I couldn't believe how close Oliver and I have become, since KennyD started avoiding me. Oli is bi-attractional. He is a Fine Art Student and a very good photographer. When we both moved into our own apartments, we had our own friends and stuffs to do through out the summer. We both happened to have flu at a week before I was off to Thailand. We took turn going out to buy groceries and medications.

It can feel a bit freaky sometimes, because we do really click. I sometimes deliberately keep some distance from him. He is attractive, funny, and caring. But I don't think I am ready to have another relationship and I couldn't risk our friendship. Well just lost a relationship and now I gained another boy-friend. I don't think I am doing that bad, apart from being misbilled property tax by the Lord Provost. Through those two weeks, I felt like I am a kid again. There were no bills and boyfriend to think about. I didn't even know what to have for dinner lastnight. I think it's gonna take me sometimes to get out of holiday habits and to be able to fend for myself again.


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You seem to be doing very wel

You seem to be doing very well, good luck with school =]

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I am feeling fine

Thanks Max,

Well I am not feeling my best right now. Just managed to laugh every now and again. I gave my therapist a bit of a warning for this Friday - I might get extremely emotional and insecured.

I have plenty of people to talk to... I just trying to live my life like I always do. I think I can only move when I said a proper goodbye to Kenny. Well that takes a lot of guts and a bit of works. I am having a feeling that he is avoiding talking to me.