*Bang Bang* goes my head against the wall....

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*huddles in a corner and sobs* AAAAUGH!!!! No more Miz B!!!!! I'm so fucking pissed off at Pittsylvania County Right now! Fuck the block scheduling, I WANT MY DRAMA TEACHER!!!

Maybe I should explain.

My school has this idiotic thing called block scheduling that means we have four class this semester and four DIFFERENT classes next semester. This means, we have 18 weeks to get used to four teachers, then we have to get used to four different teachers the next semester. Today was the last day of this semester, whiuch means I will no longer be attending Drama 1, taught by the incomparable Mrs. Barger, the GREATESR teacher on the face of the planet. She is bar none, the coolest. She always listens to our problems, makes us laugh, she understands us like no other teacher. And now, I'll only see her before class periods and after school for the speech competition. Grrr...I HATE the school admin. they suck. I seriously spent like all of third period in her room yesterday, and I was in there from like, 12:00 until the bell rang at 3:05 today. :( :( :( I'm not sure anything's going to make this weekend okay.

On a happier note, I've got World Geo. with the coolest person I know aside from Logan and I've got PE/Health with Lesley. *grins* Lockers...changing rooms...running around....lovely...*rubs hands together and grins evilly* Also, I have a really hot math teacher....yeah...


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So you may be losing some teachers, but you do get to meet some new teachers halfway through the year...

By the way--random question--are you still thinking about going to Walnut Hill next year? Because I'm trying to decide if I'm going to apply, too.

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My drama teacher

My drama teacher is equally cool, but she's missed like half our lessons as she has the worst health record in history

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