*Cracks up at own lesbian-ness*

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Okay, I need to get off the internet, but I am kind of laughing at something that popped into my head the other day. I'd been really kind of doubting my homosexuality, like really, really, bad and I was on afterellen.com, (a sit about lesbians in entertainment, go see it, it's got hilarious columns) but anywau, they were talking about lesbian visibility, and they were talking about Jiminy Glick goes to Hollywood and how two of the characters, Jeneane Garafolo (*shudders*...too liberal, can't stand it...) and Linda Cardellini (mmmmm...) and how the two characters had this lesbian affair. When I read that, the first thing that popped into my head was "I wanna have a lesbian affair with Linda Cardellini!"

So, when you're doubting, reaffirmation comes in the strangest of places.


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Lol. Thats great. I would pro

Lol. Thats great. I would probably think the same thing.
afterellen.com is a good site too. I think I've heard of that from someone...