Do You Like Crackers?

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I haven't enlightened everyone with a new journal entry in
a couple weeks so here's some catching up of my crazy
messed up life.

First of all, I finally opened up to my sister about my
sexuality. I called her one night, I think it was the night
of my mom's birthday, and we did the usual sister chat. At
one point she asked me how I've been and my response was,
"There's something I want to tell you, but I'm diligenly
avoiding it." And then I just told her that I didn't go to
school this fall because I was trying to find myself, and
that I've finally come to terms with my sexuality and found
myself at a spot in life where I'm actually happy. I even
told her that I used to cut, something I never thought I
would have the balls to tell her. She was absolutely great
about it. Why I was so chicken to tell her, I really don't
know, but I feel closer to her than I have in the longest

I've been going snowboarding a lot lately. Working on perfecting
my 180, but I'm not feeling it. My knees are though. They've got
some nice color to them. Some reds, blues, black, purples, a
little bit of a yellow-orange going on in there too. Pulled
some muslces in my shoulder, which are feeling excellent right now.
Sam and I took my niece out snowboarding on Saturday, she didn't
last long. Maybe 45minutes tops. It kinda sucked, but at least
she tried.

Now Saturday was a fun day. I got hit on by this kid named Chris,
while I was at the hill. He used some great lines, that got to
my heart instantly, not. "How long does it take you to get your
shirt on, because those angel wings must make it difficult..."
I laughed. I was about to tell him that I was gay, but then he
went away. I met Sam's friend, Peter, on Saturday. He's such a
sweetheart. Plus he likes crackers, so that's totally awesome.
And we all went out to eat pizza at Drags afterwards. And hot
April joined us, yummmmm!

Oh HECK YA! I don't know how I made it this far in my journal
entry without saying this: Today my RENT tickets came! Remind
me that they're in the drawer next to the dishwasher at Sam's
house, or else we'll loose them.

I bought some new clothing today. A Burton sweatshirt, 2 pairs
of jeans, 4 tshirt. The tshirts are the greatest. We've got
one that says "DUCK DUCK GOOSE" another that says, "CHOPSTIX
ARE FOR GERMANS" another that says, "EH?" and has a maple leaf
on it, and I can't remember the other one. But I love being a
RollingStones subscriber because I got 10% off of my tshirt

Mmm, what else have I done lately? I got to play with a video camera
and tape drunk people all night. That was pretty fun. But I also
had to keep my two friends from trying to go skinny dipping in the
freezing cold river. Let's just say two drunk people, two doors,
and only one person sober enough to run in a straight line from door
to door is so not cool!

I haven't heard from Adam since he decided that our friendship sucks
and that he wants no part in it because I'm keeping something from
him. I keep trying to write a letter to him about why I've been the
way that I have, but I just can't do it. I don't know how to start

Ryan on the other hand has finally been hit full on with the fact that
I am gay and will never ever date him. It sucks because he doesn't
want to hang out a whole lot anymore until he's finally gotten over
the full shock. I can't blame him, but hey, shit happens. I'll have
to get over. I've got Sam anyways so it doesn't matter.

Well, that's enough for the time being. There's more than enough to keep
all entertained for a few minutes. Hope everyone's been doing great.
And, I don't know, have some fun.


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"How long does it take you to

"How long does it take you to get your shirt on, because those angel wings must make it difficult..."

That is just priceless-frame it on your wall!

That's really cool you could be so intimate with your sister; I wish I could with mine. It's sad even my sister can't get to know me.

I think you should write that letter to Adam-you don't have to be eloquent or know what to say, just be honest. Maybe if he understood he would come back to you (that is, if you want him to).

Now I'm off to have some fun...LOL


I find there's glamour
In being a wallflower
With a stammer
I love what I am
And you won't change me
So take me how I am