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"That which was lost, shall be found -- That which was broken shall be in fact mended -- That which was taken shall be returned -- That which has fallen shall rise -- That which has damned shall be forgiven -- That which was hated, shall be in fact loved"

Interesting little quote I found written into the lowest brick on a wall I pass by every day at school. I can't entirely explain what in God's name I was doing to find it, but I did. It makes me wonder who wrote it there.. and why? Who would go out of their way to put that quote into the hardest to find spot on a brick wall? Maybe it's just a message for those who find it? Who knows. Interesting anyway though.

I've been somewhat in an artistic mood as of late.. I've been writing a few more poems, with a pretty different mindset which helps circulate the literary blood I guess.. and I've been drawing/painting more than I have in the past.. year? It feels good. I think it's mostly because of a talk I had with an old friend who recently moved back this way.

I've been thinking about writing another short story.. but I had a very interesting idea this time.. A short story, based as a fairy tale, or several very short fairy tales. I think it would be interesting to write something that could be told as a story.. Something similar to folktales.. basically stories that are mystical in nature and explain a normal event.

My first idea was a story explaining why the lightning has thunder, another was to explain why the dogwood has white leaves.. just something easy.. and use characters like animals or Fae/fairies/goblins/mystical creatures.. It could be pretty interesting lol.

Another idea I had was to make an actual "fairy" tale. I've actually heard alot of people say they wonder why there aren't any "gay" fairy tales.. no knights in shining armor, saving other knights in shining armor.. that could be fun too..

Anyway. Keep smiling everyone :)


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i love the quote, and the sto

i love the quote, and the story sounds good, post it when its done.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**